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Utica, NY, is an interesting city and has seen a lot of ups and downs in its long history.

This photo is facing northward, on Genesee Street.

Genesee Street north Utica

Bell on Genesee ST Utica

The Hotel Utica, built in 1912 and restored in the mid 1990s, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is very beautiful inside.

Hotel Utica

Utica is in the geographic center of New York, in the Mohawk Valley, between Syracuse and Albany. From what I can gather, the first settlers arrived on the site in 1773. A fort was built here in 1758, Fort Schuyler. I wrote an extensive post about the history of Utica with some nice photos, you can read it here if you wish.

This is looking south on the same street (Genesee).

Genesee Street Utica

Charlotte Street in Utica. The county and state office buildings are all located in this vicinity, so the traffic is quite heavy for a small city.

Bleeker and Charlotte Sts

Bleeker and Genesee Streets, below.

Genesee and Bleeker Utica

A lot of the street names in Utica are named after famous Uticans. Upstate New York has given us many great ministers, statesmen, artists, historians, and others; many of these people are buried in the city cemetery. I visited the Forest Hill cemetery over the summer. You can read about that here and here if you’d like. Finally, if you’d like to know more about Utica, we’ve visited just about every place in the city (the zoo, historic sites, parks, museums)! Use the search feature in my sidebar to find more.

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