Central New York Zoo News

Good news and bad news for two Central New York zoos.

The last Siberian tiger at the Utica Zoo has died. 🙁 Monona was euthanzied due to complications from kidney disease, from aging. Her sister, Wingra died last year. The two tigers came to the zoo in 2001 (wow, they seem to have been there longer!). They were named for two lakes in Madison, Wisconsin, the location of the zoo where they were born.

We loved seeing the tigers at the zoo, it was always the highlight of every visit. Our last visit, about two years ago, we saw both tigers out and about. Usually, they are skulking behind trees, but that day they were walking around and playing with each other. It was great. I’m very sorry to see them go. You can read about our visits to the Utica Zoo here and here.

Tigers 2

Tigers 1

Such beautiful animals.

The Rosamond-Gifford Zoo in Syracuse has some good news– a new baby patas monkey was born this past month, on January 7th. The baby’s proud parents are monkeys Addie and M.J. Apparently, the baby is unnamed until the zoo crew knows whether the monkey is a boy or girl. The crew says they have a “hands off” policy so that the monkeys will bond to the baby. So far, Addie has allowed only her daughter to handle the new baby. Sounds like she’s a good mom. 😀 Lucky zoo visitors may get a peek of the new baby in the monkey section of the zoo.

Photo courtesy Rosamond-Gifford Zoo, photo by Amanda Beamish

You can read about our short visit to the Rosamund-Gifford Zoo here. It was short because a thunderstorm that day caused the zoo folks to close the zoo, as a precaution. So I never got to see the penguins. 🙁

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