Consider Travel Insurance

For a few extra bucks, you can save yourself a lot of heartache on your next trip, especially if you are taking an extended trip or one that takes you out of the country. Travel insurance is insurance that covers medical problems, financial losses such as theft or damages, delayed or stolen baggage, legal assistance, personal liability, rental car damages, and more.

Travel suppliers often offer travel insurance when you are booking your tickets, but be aware that this insurance is usually wildly expensive and offers paltry protection. It is much better to obtain insurance from a travel insurance agency. Good travel insurance companies are often regulated by governments or advisory boards, and will not hesitate to offer their credentials when you ask. Always do your homework before signing up with an agency– read the fine print, check the background of the agency, look for reviews online.

The good thing about travel insurance is that it is inexpensive. For just a little extra money, travel insurance offers a lot of benefits for you and your family. If I am taking a short trip, I usually don’t get travel insurance. But for overseas trips and extended travel, I would definitely want long stay travel cover. If we ever take a trip abroad to the British Isles, I will definitely get insurance. You see, I travel with a cargo load of electronics– DSLR camera and lenses, smartphone, laptop, etc– and it would be a huge financial tragedy to lose them in the event of theft or a careless airline employee.

If you are booking through a travel agency, ask for some recommendations. Or check out the website for some terrific options and really good prices. You can also spend some time learning more about travel insurance coverage and what it entails. I found this helpful video about travel insurance and how basic and quick it is to get it (video courtesy of

Be safe! Travel wisely. 😀

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