“I’ve never been lost; I was just confused once for three days.” Daniel Boone

OK, I got lost again, and this time it was in Oriskany. Oriskany, for Pete’s sake! We went up to the Oneida County Airport, then on to the Oriskany Battlefield. I chose to wend my way through some little country roads, and got befuddled. GRRR– Yahoo maps!!!


So today I splurged and plunked down $20 to buy a fancy, new map book. It’s spiral bound and looks very thorough. At least, it seems to have all of the “main” country roads. It is a gorgeous book and will last us a long time.

I have just got to throw away that tattered old 1980’s road map now, and never, ever use a Yahoo map printout again.

More to come on our little local day trip…

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