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I haven't blogged about it yet, but we've started to travel again. And you know what? It's GOOD to be back on the road. Every time I go out and about, I meet the most incredible people and see some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Tht's my Upstate New York. As difficult as so many things are here, as scary as the future sometimes seems, I still love Upstate New York. This is one of the most scenic places in the country in which to live, and we have become friends with some really, really amazing people. It's a good life. 

I've often considered leaving the state, and there are many good reasons to do so. The political scene, the corruption, the high taxes…. so many of my peers have been driven out. I empathize with them. I feel the pull. But New York State is my home. Sure, if the Lord calls me out, I'll go; but we've put so much into our home here. Even our property has suffered — torrential flooding, storm drainage backup when NYS suffered the historic flooding for a few years — but there are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes. I joke that our only natural disasters are our politicians. 
It's easy to criticize New York, definitely and justly so. But when I peel back the layers and move away from the politics and societal problems, there is SO much beauty here. New York is filled with wonderful people. And the landscape, especially Upstate, constitutes some of the most beautiful and restful places in the world. I'm weary of the negativity. Complaining isn't going to dolve anything, and it just makes life miserable, anyway. 
I'm inspired by the Allstate Good Life campaign. Wow, it's notable when a company — an insurance company at that! — stands up for the good in life. Now, I will say that I am biased toward Allstate. 🙂 They have insured my home and cars for almost 20 years. We've suffered some not-so-good times, and every time we've gone through a disaster, an Allstate agent has been caring, considerate, and fast to get us help. It's things like that that make customers loyal. 
Allstate has a really nice campaign going. It's about living your LIFE and living the GOOD life. I love this commercial: 
So who's with me?! Are we going to quit being afraid of every little thing that life throws at us, and hide in our caves? No! Let's live the good life. Let's make a difference in New York State and everywhere. As the Scottish proverb goes, "Live your life well, for you will be dead a long time." Or as one modern poet put it: "Don't worry; Be happy." 😉 
What good things have you done in your life lately? 
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