Photo Hunters: Balanced

Pardon me while I whine: this theme is another hard one! wah! Why can’t we have something like “Victorian” or “urban” or “history”? 😀 I’d have loads of stuff for those.

Alas, balanced is this week’s theme. Ah well, it’s probably a good thing to be challenged; keeps you sharp! OK, so here’s what I scrambled to provide!

This is the world’s smallest church. It’s in the middle of a pond, in Oneida, NY. It can hold three people! You can read more about our trip here. I’d say the little thing is well balanced— enough for it to float on the water like that.

Cross Island Chapel

Here’s my son and daughter, on the moon, balanced despite the obvious lack of gravity. Photo taken at Syracuse’s Museum of Science and Technology.

Moon 2

Another photo at the MOST. You are supposed to be able to lift that ring and create a large bubble around you. We tried and tried, but it wouldn’t work. I think there was improper balance in the bubble solution!

Bubble not working

Here’s a weird green snake from the Utica Zoo, balanced on a tree limb. How he can sleep like that, I do not know.

Green Snake

And here is a scene from my garden.Light, fluffy snow is gently balanced on my butterflybush.


How did your Photo Hunt go? Leave your link in the comments section!

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