Photo Hunters: Birds

Ugh, I am TERRIBLE at photographing live birds. Either I need a better camera, a quicker and steadier hand, or slower moving birds… because they always come out blurry!

So I fudged. 😀

Here’s a nice bird. HA! Taken at Syracuse Hancock Airport.

Syracuse Airport Plane

I DID try to snap photos of the cute wrens flying around the airport! To no avail…

Here’s a cute new bird hat we got yesterday! We were asked to try out the Tofurkey Soda, which tastes like turkey and gravy. Ummmm…. it was awful! You can read our entertaining review here.


Oh WAIT! I DID photograph a bird, once! Here’s our visit to the Utica Zoo. This is a Whooping Swan. He tried to eat my camera (probably because it takes such lousy photos of his buddies).

Whooping Swan 2

Whooping Swan

Oh I found an old photo of our beloved cockatiel, Pipsqueak (nicknamed Pipi). We taught him to cluck the theme song from SuperChicken. When he sings it, he dances back and forth on his perch, and bobs his head up and down. It is hilarious to watch.

Pipi the Cockatiel

Oh my word- I just remembered I had ANOTHER photo of birds, REAL ones!! Seagulls taking off as we neared a dock on Oneida Lake, in Central Upstate New York. Oneida Lake is New York’s largest inland lake. It’s lovely. Centuries ago, it was once filled with Atlantic Salmon.

Dock Use

Ah, and the ubiquitous presence of the birds…. something we are all familiar with, no matter our location on this earth. YUK!

Dirty Bench

Well, this week’s Photo Hunters is for the birds! But I guess it turned out all right. I’m going to go gallavanting throughout the blogosphere to see what you have done. I’m sure I’ll find some spectacular photos of some REAL birds! Leave your link in the comments. And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  1. ian says:

    hahahaha the first pic is my fave- a cool take on this week’s theme =] i have that problem too regarding bird photography: slow camera, quick birds, shaky hands =0 we can always try though! Happy Thanksgiving from the Philippines =]