Photo Hunters: Sweet

Oh an EASY ONE this week! lol

My sweet sweet baby!! She’s a Tabby-Point Siamese and she’s my darling. She loves me, too, which makes it sweeter. She follows me around all day like a little puppy dog. When I leave the house, the kids report that she howls disconsolately the entire time. Aw!!!


I got this stuff this week, and it’s a very sweet scent. It’s Thai Dragon Fruit Febreze and I like it, especially after the sweet darling in the photo above uses her litter box.


And maybe this looks odd to you, but this stuff is SWEEEET. I am gearing up to renovate the kitchen. Home Depot/Lowes and the hardware stores are my favorite stores, like candy stores to me!!


Rum cake. *sigh* Very yummy, very sweet. My first time using a bundt pan, too.


I’ve been experimenting with various sweeteners these days. I discovered that refined, granulated sugar is purified with cattle bone ash, and am sickened. We’re trying a bunch of different products, trying to see what we like best. So far, Stevia is good. But it’s expensive.


So how did your Photo Hunt go today? I look forward to reading your post later this afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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