Photo Hunters: Tied

I came to realize just how casual we are here at the Mecomber homestead: I could find no photo of anyone wearing a tie! Oh well, here’s what I could find. I was fit to be tied for this theme this week!

We visited a library in Cazenovia last year, and they have a small science museum there. We saw many interesting artifacts, but the star of the show was a 2,000 year-old Wgyption mummy with his mummified cat! The mummy is still tied with the same bandages that enveloped him 2 millennia ago.

Mummy Close Up

Here’s another oddity– wooden Eskimo snow goggles. Apparently, the Eskimos wore them on those super-bright snowy days. The leather straps were tied around the head. I have no idea how practical these things were– I’d think that the weight of the wood would cause the goggles to slide off the nose.

Eskimo Wood Snow Goggles 19th Century

Here are some lovely decorations tied to a pole, in a photo I snapped last year. Hmm we will be seeing this white stuff again very soon!

Stanley Down Genesee Street

This is a cute thing we saw last year, at a marina off Lake Ontario at Sodus Bay. The business was closed for the season (the boats were all wrapped in tarps and sitting in a solidly frozen harbor), but some of the folks had tied a Christmas tree to the crane for passers-by to see. Cute!

Crane Tree

This is a nifty World Geological Map we saw at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse. It is amazing how all the earth’s plates are tied together, but are always shifting.

World Geological Map Lights

So that’s my very lame contribution for the topic of TIED. How did your Photo Hunters go?

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  1. Mar says:

    What an interesting collection for the theme!! the Eskimo goggles are amazing, never seen those before!
    Happy weekend 🙂