Photo Hunters: Words

I am a little later than usual with my Photo Hunters today. But better late than never, I suppose. 😀

This was a tough one! I suspect we will find lots of creative photos today, though!


By far, my favorite words are from here.

The Open Bible

Your word is a lamp unto my feet. Your word is truth.

I’ve had this Bible for two decades now. I’ve bought replacements since then, but I just can’t bear to leave this one. It’s got my notes in it, words of two decades of study.

Open Notes

I love these words. I especially love the words on her t-shirt! I want to find one of those!

We the People sign

Here’s another sassy t-shirt of Chuck Norris. I love these kinds of t-shirts!

chuck norris forcast

Words on these plaques across the state make me happy. 😀

tn_Benjm Walker

We took a tour of our local newspaper’s headquarters. Words are written and printed every day.


Machine 2


When we visit historical places, we often find words of honor and respect. This is from the Oriskany Battleground.


Words of remembrance and sacrifice.

3 Homes Marker

I guess I found plenty of words for today! How did your Photo Hunters go?

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