The New T-List

Happy Hotelier has resurrected and refined the new T-List, a list of travel websites and bloggers. He’s organized and ranked 300 travel sites (wow!) by Technorati ranking. I was stunned to see this blog at #39!

I am elated and very surprised! My blog is up there with the biggies like The Lost Girls, The Cranky Flier, NewYorkology, and Uptake (formerly Kango). I’m flipping with glee!


The T-List first appeared over a year ago. It was an effort to network the great travel blogs and websites, to generate interest and importance. Happy Hotelier, a Dutchman who runs a terrific travel blog himself, has put enormous effort into maintaining the ranks. Kudos to you, HH!

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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  1. Hi Mrs M
    Thanks for the Kudos!