A Review of the Three Tree Inn in Geneva, NY

Totally spoiled.

That’s me. After staying at the Three Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast in Geneva, NY, I seriously doubt we will ever rent a hotel room again. Bed & breakfasts are phenomenal. They are even better when they are affordable. That’s the Three Tree Inn.

Three Tree Inn 1

I heard about the Three Tree Inn on Twitter, following a number of people from the Finger Lakes region. The Inn is located in the beautiful village of Geneva, NY. We were last here a few years ago. Geneva sits atop a slight knoll overlooking the beautiful Seneca Lake. The city is lovely, with many well-preserved older homes and quiet neighborhoods.

The Three Tree Inn is a Tudor-style house, built in 1929. It’s not far from the lake and the commercial district (within walking distance), but the area is very secluded with magnificent trees, wide streets and sidewalks and rows of hedges. The area is very well maintained, and the Three Tree Inn seems like the jewel of the neighborhood.

It’s owned by Paul and Marcia Swenson, native New Yorkers who owned a larger inn in Missouri for a while. The couple has a unique talent for hospitality and decor. The Three Tree Inn is gorgeously decorated, yet the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

We got the Catalpa Room for one night. I was quietly glad that we were the only residents (our stay was on a weekday during the off-season; even so, Paul and Marcia had hosted a houseful just a few days previously). The room is very inviting.

Catalpa Rm 2

Catalpa Rm 1

Catalpa Rm Bed

As soon as we unloaded our gear, we plopped on the bed and fell asleep! The room was THAT relaxing.

Our hosts exhibited the perfect blend of checking in on us to see if we were happy, with leaving us alone to relax and unwind. I was pretty impressed with their panache. They were relaxed and friendly and offered suggestions on local dining and a few “off the beaten path” attractions (like the white deer along the lake– more on that later).

The design and decor of the home just wowed me. This is the living room.

Living Rm

The husband and I spent a few hours here, in front of the fire, relaxing after a nice meal at the local Cobblestone Restaurant. Marcia directed us to the fridge and wine glasses and library of books if we wished any, then left us to relax in the room. It was SO GOOD to read together; we hadn’t done that in so long. No TV, no computers, no distractions. It reminded me of the “old” days when we just enjoyed each other’s company. I really regret staying only one night… a person could really unwind after a few days here.

Breakfast is served at 9am in the sun-drenched dining room.

Dining Rm

Paul is the chef, and my husband exclaimed when he saw this:


Coffee was served from little French presses, and there was orange juice, too. The breakfast was extremely hearty, and the sauce was perfect. While we ate breakfast, Paul and Marcia hung out with us for a while and we got to know each other a little better. I really enjoyed this time. We discussed Twitter and social networking, the tourist and bed & breakfast industry, blogging, kids and travel. Paul and Marcia really made us feel at home. Our stay was especially important for my husband, who needed a little “down” time. I was glad we made the trip.

About the amenities and other details, here are some of the highlights:

  • There are three rooms, each named for the trees in the yard: Catalpa, Mulberry, Mountain Ash. All rooms have their own bathrooms. Ours in the Catalpa Room was a little quirky– the sink and shower are in one room, and the toilet is in another. The fixtures were modern, squeaky clean, and operated beautifully.
  • There is free wireless Internet, cable TV, and a DVD player. The TV screen is actually a widescreen computer monitor tucked into a little armoire cabinet.
  • The rooms and the house and yard are marvelously decorated. I hope Marcia starts her blog because she has just GOT to reveal her secrets for decorating so well. And Paul should definitely write down his recipes. Yum.
  • The bed is SPECTACULAR. I’m fussy about my mattress because of herniated disks and sciatica. The mattress is just right. The pillows are made of down, and there’s a down comforter, too. I LOVED the pillows, and there were loads of them (I am a pillow fanatic).
  • The wooden floors are lovely, but a little squeaky. My house was built in 1855, so they have the ugly old pine plank floors (concealed by thick layers of paint and laminate and etc). I am jealous of the wood floors of the inn. 🙂
  • Check in is at 3pm, check out at 11am.
  • The Catalpa and Mulberry rooms can hold 1 to 2 guests; the Mountain Ash can hold up to 4 but will accommodate extra guests for an additional fee.

A little trivia:

  • The Three Tree Inn was named for the three lovely trees that overlook the side yard: Catalpa, Mountain Ash, Mulberry. In 2009, the Mountain Ash died and had to be removed. Rather than rename the inn the “Two Tree” inn, Paul and Marcia located a replacement Mountain Ash, shipped from Vermont.
  • The antique desk in the front entry was bestowed to Paul and Marcia by the previous owners. It holds a collection of movies that the guests can pick from to watch in their rooms.
  • The rooms have a three-ring binder filled with local menus and information about the local restaurants and bistros. Paul and Marcia were very knowledgeable about the eateries, so if you need advice, you can ask them.

Contact information:
Paul & Marcia Swenson
164 Washington St.
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: (315) 759-5442

Note: I was given a reduced rate in exchange for a review for the Three Tree Inn. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. I personally recommend this inn as a great place to stay!

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  1. Renee says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks AMAZING! I think I’ll write this one down as somewhere to go in the future! It looks like an excellent place to stay for a few weeks! 😛 It looks absolutely incredible! I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast before, but you certainly make it sound like a MUST! Excllent review and I’m glad you had a great time!

    • Renee, I know you would just love a bed & breakfast. They are so beautiful– just what you would love!

      • Messi says:

        RE: Not really. They want to close as fast as plbissoe, so your lender would likely be the hold up. They don’t like to close the last three days of the month though, but I don’t like to close on the last day, so that only knocks two extra days off for me.The one thing that does take longer is getting to terms. Sometimes they get back to you with an oral answer in as little as a day or two, but to actually get their documents back and signed typically takes at least 5 working days. If another offer comes in before they accept yours, then add about 3 days to that. That’s where there’s a little bit of delay over a standard listing, but it’s no where near as bad as a short sale.They prefer to select the escrow, so there’s a downside there. And they don’t pay the water bill through escrow the listing agent deals with that.

  2. That place sure does look relaxing. I love bed and breakfasts. They are so cozy. Staying in a hotel can be great, but staying at a small time bed and breakfast can feel like home. The only problem is it is hard to leave.

  3. Charming Inn and Charming Hosts says:

    Just stayed here for 2 evenings and it was as perfect as you described. We even has the same breakfast of eggs benedict and asparagus our first morning. Paul is an amazing chef and Marcia is an amazing decorator, paying attention to every detail and keeping every room crisp and fresh, enlivening the senses.

    It was sad to say goodbye. We hugged as old friends and then hugged again.

  4. Rena says:

    They are booked the night I was going to stay with them 🙁

    Maybe next time….