Antique and Classic Car Show in Utica

We attended the marvelous Antique & Classic Car Show in Utica on July 5th, at the beautiful Fountain Elms historic site. I’d never been to a car show, and it was extremely festive! Some of the cars are so beautiful. I do believe all of them are operating machines, too. They are owned by people all across the United States, all come to compete for the trophy. Here are some of the cars I liked best. (Please forgive me if I don’t get the car names just right! There were dozens of them everywhere, and I am TERRIBLE with cars).

This Auburn was my favorite. Such a classy car!

Classic Auburn Roadster

Ever wonder where “REO Speedwagon” came from? Wonder no more. Beautiful wood! This was all handmade.

1914 REO Wagon

Ever wonder why they call it a trunk?

1932 Cadillac trunk

Here’s an oldie, a 1913 Ford.

1913 Ford

And a 1934 Ford.

1934 Ford

A 1923 Kissel, in exquisite condition.

1923 Kissel

This is beautiful. It said Maxwell on it.

Maxwell Car

But those tires, ugh! Must have been a bumpy ride.

Antique Car Wheel red

I’ll have more photos (I took dozens and dozens) including photos of the winning car.

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  1. I haven’t been to a car show in years! You have some great photos here! The classsics are always beautiful, but I love the muscle cars. Cobras, Cougars, Camaros and the Mustang Fastbacks are usually what I spend most of my time looking at. We used to spend a whole day at the Rhinebeck show – now that’s a big one!!

    • Hey Melissa! Thanks for your comment. This is the first time I’ve been to a car show, although I have been to several car museums. Those classics are pieces of art, aren’t they?

  2. Marcus says:

    The photos are very good. It’s almost like being there.
    Classic cars are just great:-)

  3. These classic cars are beautiful I agree. I wonder if these cars will get the appreciation that they deserve one day and wont just be forgotten about as if they are just ‘old cars’ I myself have never been to car show as such but from looking at your pictures and doing a little bit of research on the background of antique cars I will make a point of attending one. Thank you

  4. Meg Mills21 says:

    Wow, great info here, glad to have found your awesome blog, I’ll be bookmarking you to keep abreast of your ideas here.

  5. Rayna Burton says:

    Wow! The classic cars are awesome. The shows really rocks. Classic cars are the best and they really have a good performance and this attract many from Hollywood stars to great personalities. The Auburn Roadster classic car is really awesome. Thanks Mecomber for such a lovely post on classic cars.

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