Architectural Details of the Stanley Theatre

I posted about our visit to the Stanley Theatre in Utica, here. I took so many photos, and the photos show such gorgeous architecture, that I wanted you to see how beautiful it is!

Exit Sign 1

The Stanley was built in 1928 by the famous architect Thomas Lamb. This is his only “Mexican Baroque” style building, and one of the few remaining in the world. The Stanley is a National Landmark and has recently been updated. It is still in use as a theatre. 

Ceiling light 2

Ornate, elegant details fill every nook and cranny.

Theatre corbels


I apologize for the poor quality photos. It was so very, very dark in the theatre. But you can get an idea of how rich and luxurious the place is.

This is a box seat; it flanks the main stage.

Theatre Box Seat

Here’s a luscious column in the lobby.

Lobby 1

This door is an upstairs door, one of the “less elegant” ones. Wow.

Wooden Door

Even the ceiling lights outside (beneath the portico) are elegantly designed.

Outdoor Ceiling with Lights

Here’s a bit of trivia: the Stanley Theatre was named for Stanley Mastbaum, a brother and partner of the corporation that built the theatre. Nice, huh? The Stanley opened September 1928, and is now owed by the Central New York Community Arts Council.

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  1. Corbels says:

    Some very elegant architectural details.

    I love the picture of the box seat, it is so grand and full of detail. These pictures really represent the grand magnitude of this place.

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.