Computer Woes

Remember how a week ago I did Photo Hunters and the theme was “scary”? I said the Blue Screen of Death was scary, and I posted a photo of a prank screensaver? Well, ha ha. I got the BSOD for the first time in years yesterday. And I can only WISH it was a prank. Nope, it’s for real. *sigh*


AMD Data Change

It looks like the hard drive just out and quit on me. I have NO idea how this happened; it gave me no warnings (no ticking, no noises). I booted up the computer and Windows started a CHKDSK scan. It restarted and everything is gone. I can’t even restore, repair, or recover. Wah! The only other thing I can determine besides a hard drive failure is maybe a cable isn’t inserted enough?! Because the computer is still under warranty, I can’t open the case and look for myself. *sigh* So I have to take it to the manufacturer and get it looked at.

Anyway, this really throws my entire week off. I, like, WORK from my computer! It’s very inconvenient. I don’t have to worry about data loss, as I backed everything up (I do this regularly). It’s a major pain, is all. I had a very busy week planned. Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s my family’s biggest holiday of the year. I have yet to order gifts for the kids (they are requesting some sweet camping equipment and books– and those take time to order!). I also have a smattering of appointments and applications to fulfill (one kid is getting braces soon). Anyway…. like all computer problems, they never come at a convenient time, do they? So that’s why I haven’t been posting as much. One thing good is I am very grateful I keep my information backed up!! That’s one less problem I have to worry about. Always back up your data, you never know when these things will happen! It’s SCARY when it really happens! lol…

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