Cooking Up a Storm

Every once in a while, I have to go over all my cooking recipes and hunt for new ones. I think the family is tired of Chicken Florentine and Baked Ziti by now. It’s winter, so I do more cooking (and the family does more eating). I’ve scoured the Internet, looking for more recipes but haven’t really found anything new these days. Do you know what it’s like when your recipe box goes stale? (You moms and cooks know what I mean). So I have been “starving” (haha) for some new recipes to add. It’s been a dry week, because I really haven’t found anything new.

Until today! haha! I just discovered a new recipe website, It’s from the UK and it is loaded with recipes from all around the world.

I am flipping! 🙂

We are not a meat-and-potatoes family. I really love international food, especially Greek (their fish recipes are unsurpassed, IMHO), Italian (mmm pasta recipes), and Chinese (healthy veggies). I am always looking for good vegetable dishes besides the boiled broccoli and steamed carrots stuff that I always find elsewhere. I like MyDish because it has recipes from other people from all around the world. There’s also an “ask a question” feature which far surpasses anything I have seen online, anywhere. Now, I can get an answer from a person in Greece who knows how to roll those slippery grape leaves around that riceball. I really need help with that technique…

I was able to put up my Chicken Riggies recipe, one of the most popular chicken recipes on the web.

🙂 I’m quite proud of it, if I do say so myself.

I really like this site. It’s more than a recipe site; it’s also a social network site– I was able to post my profile, my recipes, and keep the recipes that interest me in my own online recipe box! Finally! Something organized! Now I can get rid of the long and complicated list of bookmarks in my browser.

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