Cuomo’s Cove Luxury Resort, Windham, NY

Peace and quiet.
After a crazy hectic start to summer, we just wanted a little peace and quiet. Our weekend stay at Cuomo’s Cove was WAY too brief, but it was so wonderful.
Cuomos Cove

The resort is located in gorgeous Windham, NY, nestled in the foothills of the Catskills. The air is clean, the people there are amazingly friendly, and the food is plenteous and good. I knew I’d like Cuomo’s Cove when I pulled into the driveway and saw this scenery:
Into Driveway

We stayed in the Revere Suite, one of nine luxury suites on the property.
Revere Suite1
After we set our suitcases down, we got a very nice tour of the place by Jason and Nichole Morris and their two kids, Matthew and Megan.

Morris Family

Kids Bunnies

Nichole’s father developed the place from the ground up in the 1960s. The beautiful location and the peaceful seclusion made it very popular with travelers. Cuomo’s Cove expanded from a few smaller suites to a collection of luxury suites equipped with amenities such as hot tubs, Jacuzzi spas, fully-equipped kitchens, gas log fireplaces, and more. Because the business is entirely family-run, the resort is very well cared for, and so are the guests. There’s an atmosphere of peacefulness and being taken care of.

And the location is absolutely beautiful. I immediately feel so relaxed here. And I LOVE how the suites are named after some of America’s greatest men: Washington Suite, Franklin Suite, Adams Suite, Hamilton Suite, and so on. 🙂 Nichole said her dad is the history buff and named the suites accordingly.


Stone Wall

Jason took us around to see the Noteworthy Clubhouse, a restaurant/gathering place in the making. It used to be the horse stables, but Jason and his father-in-law have single-handedly restored it. I fell in love with the luscious wood decor. And of course, any place that will be serving food definitely has my affection.

Noteworthy Stables


Noteworthy Stables3

I spotted this on the wall. I love the touch of whimsy, hahah!


OK, by now you are probably wondering what our suite looked like. The Revere Suite is gorgeous. It has a living room, eating area, full kitchen, 1.5 baths, and a skylighted loft with an open bedroom, Jacuzzi, and sitting room. Golden daylight streamed into the suite and bathed everything with soft tones. It is such a happy, relaxing place. The wood decor is stunning. This is what I’d love my house to look like!

Living Room


Stairs Up

Sitting Area


Outside is a large deck with barbecue grill, and a large mowed lawn for walking and enjoying the scenery. Nichole showed us how to operate the gas fireplace and the telephone (make free long-distance calls!), and basically left us to enjoy the place. There were a few other guests in the building, but you’d never know it. I never heard a sound from the other suites, at all. The place is 100% total relaxation and quiet. We spent three days and two nights here, but it wasn’t enough for me. Next time, we stay for a week or more to really let the peace soak into our bones.

Windham is a pretty little town with lots to do (and we did see some sites during our stay), but I was very content to hang out at Cuomo’s Cove and DO NOTHING. We enjoyed the fireplace, watched an Indiana Jones movie, and the husband played his guitar. I think I really needed this. The weekend went so fast. I really didn’t want to leave.

Both the husband and I had to be back to work early Monday morning, so we got up at 4am to start packing. In my bleary-eyed daze, I must have dropped my necklace into my luggage without knowing it, because at 7am (when I was halfway home and just starting to wake up), I realized I wasn’t wearing my necklace! I *kinda* freaked out and called Nichole, who went on this thorough search throughout the suite and the grounds for my necklace! I was touched– she has two toddlers and yet she takes the time to search for my necklace. I felt so bad. 🙁 Later, I discovered the necklace in my suitcase, and I felt even worse! Nichole was so gracious about it. I was wowed that she put such effort into helping me. What Big Box chain-store hotel would have done that?! I was right about the family, though — they really do make you feel special and that you are cared for.

If you plan on staying here, I have a few tips for you to make your stay even more enjoyable:

1. The kitchen has only basic food things (salt, pepper, sugar, complimentary coffee packets). Bring your own food if you don’t want to eat out. A resident told me that there’s a grocery store somewhere in town, but we couldn’t find it. There are two small stores on the main strip (Catskill Mountain Country Store and Creekside Market Place), but these are more like convenience stores and don’t carry groceries.

2. The kitchen has silverware, plates, cups, knives, cooking pans, etc. The fridge/freezer is your typical household appliance with plenty of room.

3. The tap water is sulfur. I once lived in a town that had sulfur water, and I drank it OK then, but I couldn’t drink it this time. Bring bottled water for drinking if you don’t like ingesting sulfur water.

4. The Catskill Mountain Country Store is a fabulous place to visit. It’s a combination garden center, park, restaurant, souvenir shop, and country store. We had breakfast there and it was amazing.

5. Bring a bathrobe. Being out in the country, the suites are private but the curtains are rather minimal. I’m a city girl and was therefore aware of the open windows.

6. Cell reception is awful in Windham. It must be all those mountains. I was only able to receive texts when I stood in a certain way in a certain spot. There is wireless available at the resort, but only in the Noteworthy Clubhouse area.

7. The people of Windham are fun and friendly. They LOVE to chat. The last night of our stay, we visited a number of little shops and spent hours talking with local people.

The prices at Cuomo’s Cove are very reasonable. They are open year round — winters are busy because skiers from all over the world come to enjoy the slopes (Windham Mountain, Hunter Mountain, etc).

All in all, we LOVED Cuomo’s Cove. If you are looking for a quiet place in the Catskills where you will get that extra-special treatment, I recommend it!

Cuomo’s Cove
33 Cuomo’s Cove Road,
Windham, New York 12496
1-800-734-5903 Call 8:00am-10:00pm, all week

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  1. Gail Dedrick says:

    Hello, I just wanted to mention that Windham is considered to be in the High Peaks region, not the foothills. The peaks seem smaller, when you’re generally already on the Moutaintop area.