Exploring the Utica Public Library

This is continuing our visit to the lovely Utica Public Library, built in 1904. You can read the first segment, here.

As I stated before, this is one of our favorite libraries to visit, but because it’s in the city and because I hate city traffic, we don’t go as often as we wish. But we just love to explore the library. The media selection here is superb, with more than 192,000 items to browse; and it’s an architectural delight to roam the floors and rooms.

Looking Up 1


There are numerous little nooks and rooms to explore and rest.

Library 2nd floor


Reading Nook

There are old books– my favorite kind!– all about the history of Utica, Oneida County, New York State, and early America. Utica, NY, was once an influential area. Many of America’s early statesmen were from Utica: James Schoolcraft Sherman, Roscoe Conkling, Horatio Seymour, Ward Hunt, Francis Kernan.

Books in Case

Utica State Hospital Books

Library Music Room

Children's Area 2

The Children’s Library is in the basement. It’s all very nicely done– so colorful and stocked full of some of the best books in Central New York.

Believe it or not, I have loads more photos! I’ll post a few more in the next post about the Library, with a little history lesson about Utica’s favorite famous person. (And no, it’s not John Frink or Annette Funicello or Will Smith or Isaac Singer, even though they were from Utica!)

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  1. Sedie says:

    This is a beautiful library. I love NY, not only because I was born there, but because every part of it, upstate and City is amazing. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. R. MAK. says:

    Although your pictures were under creative common on Flickr, I have removed both the pictures and the text that was from your post and have re-written the whole article/post…

    Your copyright law notice did cost me 3 hours and I hate you for that. but that is your stuff and you have every right to it.

    Have a nice day.. & do consider writing a guest article for our travel blog.. I like your writing style.

    • Hi R. Max. I do like your blog; I’ve dropped Entrecard on your blog; sorry to read that you hate me.

      I do have a Creative Commons license at Flickr, as I do here at my blog. I certainly don’t mind people using a few of my photos; lots of people do (and some don’t even give me a link back). I took issue with the fact that you copied my ENTIRE post– text, photos, and all. That’s called “duplicate content” and blogs get penalties for having it (not to mention Entrecard penalizes blogs that do it). If you had used a photo or two, and quoted my post in blockquotes, I would never have had any problem with that– this happens all the time and I do it myself. And like I said at your blog, I am very grateful that you linked back to my post. But you copied my ENTIRE post, with text and all my photos. Sorry you hate me for that. 🙁

  3. The images are breathe taking, lacking is the smell of the books. The everlasting scent book have after many years. The images are remarkable. Great attention to lighting. Great post and I have added this library to my To Visit places 🙂