Finding a New York Rental House

The housing market is still slumping and slouching along. I’ve been seeing housing prices go down somewhat, but because sellers are affected by the sluggish economy, they are reluctant to sell low. However, I’m seeing more and more house come up for rent, and some at very reasonable prices. But finding these places is difficult to come by– and now that spring is here (usually the busiest time for relocating), it’s all the most important to find that perfect place.

If you are looking for Rental Homes, there’s a very good website called HousesForRentShop. The website is very comprehensive. You can search by location (zip code, city, and state) and specify your searches even more by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and by rental price. The listings are very detailed: amenities, square footage, number of rooms, required security deposit, and other information. This is a great website to bookmark for future searching, and for passing along to acquaintances who may be looking, too. The website so far seems to cater to the larger urban centers. I didn’t find any listings yet for Utica and the rural areas of the Mohawk Valley but I did find a few pages for Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany. Definitely worth checking out- the website is free to search. Moreover, you can also check out the Housing and Urban Development for rental assistance, too. Low-income families may qualify for assistance, or at least an informed individual can locate what you’re looking for.

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