Fort Stanwix Photos

Here are more photos of our terrific visit to Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. You can read Part 1.

There’s a drawbridge at the entrance. The fort was made historically accurate. Big meaty stakes with sharpened points tilt outward. There’s a big dry moat all around the fort. During times of peacefulness, the women and children camped in these big ditches.

Ft Stanwix Entrance

Inside the fort is a great big spacious area, with wooden walls leading to rooms. You can wander freely inside the rooms.


There are a variety of rooms– captain’s quarters, soldier’s quarters, missionary’s quarters, the “Suttler’s” room (like a general store), and more. It’s really great to meander throughout the grounds!

Guard Duty Quarters

Out the Window

Writing Desk

Stanwix Missionary

Kids Making Movies

Suttlers Place

Musket Drill 1

Flag at Top

What a great time! Be sure to check out Fort Stanwix if you are ever in the Rome, NY, area. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Joseph Tosti says:

    Are you certain that Ft. Bull was not rebuilt by Colonialists and named Fort Stanwix. I believe that to be true.