Hamilton College Library

We took a jaunt to Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, recently. My daughter, a budding American historian, discovered that Oneida County residents can obtain a library card from the Burke Library at the campus. Hoh boy, was she eager to go after she found that out! The Burke Library is a beautiful library, chock full of the dusty tomes that make an historian’s skin tingle. The kids and I perused the library’s numerous sitting areas while we waited for Miss Historian to find her tomes.

We liked this one best:

Hamilton In the Sitting Room

We waited and waited. The Historian was no where to be found. So we wandered around a little. I took snapshots, just for kicks.

Hamilton Desk Peepers

Hamilton Rethinking Art

Hamilton Stairs

Finally, she arrived, lugging the three biggest books I’ve ever seen (besides Strong’s Concordance)– stuff on Alexander Hamilton.

We meandered the campus a little. Rain looked imminent, so I didn’t get as many photos of the buildings as I’d wanted. The architecture of the buildings are jaw-dropping. Here are just a sample of the beautiful edifices to be found.

Hamilton Dorm Bldg

Hamilton Bldg with script

Hamilton Bldg

We love Hamilton College because we love Samuel Kirkland and Alexander Hamilton. But I’d never send my kids there. It’s too fringe-kooky and too expensive (45K a year).

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