Heavenly New Zealand

Ray Comfort, a famed evangelist from New Zealand but now in California, often interviews people on the streets. He was interviewing a young gentleman one sunny California morning. He said to the person, “What do you think happens to someone after they die?”

The young man responded, “I think they go to a better place.”

Ray said, “Where’s that?”

The guy is quiet, thinking for a moment.

Ray jokingly retorts, “New Zealand?”

We joke about that interview from time to time, especially after I see panoramic photos of New Zealand’s breathtaking green beauty and dramatic landscape. I only hope I get to see New Zealand before arriving to my destination place!

New Zealand teems with history as well as beauty. The Maori settled the islands sometime in the 13th century, calling the area Aotearoa, or “long white cloud.” The Dutch found the area in the mid 17th century, and named it Nova Zeelandia after “Zeeland,” a Dutch province. British explorer James Cook changed the name to New Zealand.

Once a deeply exotic but dangerous jungle, New Zealand today balances the dazzling natural environment with organized development and a stellar tourism industry. While New Zealand is a British colony, it is still a good idea to invest in travel insurance New Zealand before visiting (see Tourism is a booming business, and it’s no wonder. Visitors are drawn to the azure waters peppered with craggy ocean precipices, the thick, lush landscapes and the unique blend of Maori-European activities and entertainment. Tourists can swim with the dolphins, dive in Poor Knights, one of the world’s superior diving areas, hike the rainforests or snow-capped cliffs, enjoy the extraordinary native music, and browse the streets laden with native foods and locally-crafted goods. My favorite experience would be perusing the exquisite Larnach Castle Gardens, as it affords spectacular views of the coast and mountains! I can certainly understand why someone would consider New Zealand “a better place.” It certainly comes in as Number 2 in my book! 🙂

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