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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As much as I love traveling and exploring new places, sometimes I really need a familiar “face” or place to ground me. If you have ever traveled extensively or have ever needed something very important while traveling, you know what I mean. Earlier last year, we traveled out of state, to Virginia, for two weeks. My daughter became very ill while we were there. We took her to the emergency room, and it was a very scary time. I knew no one and was not familiar with any of the hospitals or stores or anything. My daughter was fine (it was an allergy to some medication she was on) so thank God for that. But when it came time to get some medical supplies, we were lost– until I spotted a Walgreens! I can’t tell you what a comfort it was to walk into a familiar store and encounter some of the most amazing and helpful people I’ve ever met. The pharmacist there was so helpful. He came out from behind the counter to show me some over-the-counter medications for my daughter and explained to me why certain supplements (such as potassium) were prescription only. That guy was the epitome of terrific customer service, and such service seems to be status quo for Walgreens in general.

I love my local Walgreens and we get our prescriptions there. The people there are simply stellar. I feel like I have made a few new friends there, that’s how friendly they are! The company focuses on customer service and excellent prices. Perhaps you heard about the recent Walgreens/Express Scripts dispute. It was in the news and on the radio, and affected tens of thousands of Americans (especially military families). In a nutshell, Express Scripts didn’t renew their contract with Walgreens because they wanted more profit and more control. This left scores of people high and dry, forced to find a new pharmacy for their medications.

In response, Walgreens turned around and has been offering their Walgreens Prescription Savings Club at a deep discount. The annual membership fee for an entire family– including the pets!– is $35 a per year. Membership for an individual is $20 per year. That is an incredible deal. Membership includes savings on generic medications and over 8,000 brand name prescriptions, discounts of medical supplies such as nebulizers and diabetic supplies, pet prescriptions (that alone makes the Walgreen’s plan worth it, have you seen the cost of pet prescriptions?!), flu shots, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, you get bonuses on Walgreens-brand products and on the photo-finishing services.

I give Walgreens a lot of credit. They made lemonade out of lemons AND turned everything around to help the customers. Combined with their outstanding customer service, it’s no wonder so many of us are devoted to Walgreens, no matter where we go. I am so thankful for the care I got at Walgreens in Virginia. It was such a relief during a confusing time.

I recommend Walgreens as a comfort zone of familiarity and excellent customer service wherever we travel. Thanks, Walgreens!

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