Last Chance of Season for Luxury Vacation

A friend of mine traveled to Italy recently, and brought back many photos. Wow! I have never been to Italy, but I would just love to go after seeing those photos. The Mediterranean is exquisite, and the scenery by the coast is so beautiful my eyes couldn’t bear to see it anymore (my friend stayed in one of the lovely villas in Italy at

If staying mainland is more palatable now that we are nearing the end of the summer vacation season, there are some really nice Florida villas that have that warm, Mediterranean feel (and you don’t have to learn a foreign language to visit, either!).

Hot right now are self catering villas and cottages. Since it’s the end of the season, prices have been dwindling, and it’s a good time to take advantage of the deals. Moreover, the villas and rental units are DEFINITELY more convenient. I prefer them much more to a hotel room. They are usually cleaner, roomier, and there’s more of a family-friendly atmosphere with them. Owners Direct specializes in connecting traveling families with clean, relaxing, enjoyable accommodations worldwide.

Someday I may get a chance to enjoy an Italian villa, or maybe even one in Greece… 😉

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I've been traveling throughout New York State since I got the travel bug after touring the Herkimer Home on a school field trip as a youngster. We've been blogging about our travels since 2006 and have visited over half of New York's 62 counties so far.

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  1. I have been travelling to Italy for years, and each time I find it more beautiful than ever! too many things to see, to visit, to discover. Sicily is my favourite region, but Tuscany, Sardinia, are great too! Hope you enjoy Italy soon!