More About the Utica Library

I also posted some information and photos about the Utica Library here and here. This library, a tremendous work of architecture, art, and literature, is out favorite library, ever.

Utica Library Entrance

Library Ceiling

In my previous posts, I blogged about the history of the library and it’s beautiful architecture. I want to touch on some of the contents this time.

Utica, NY, is home to an unusually large number of prominent people, in particular, statesmen who went on to help form our nation during its “Manifest Destiny” era (1830s to 1910s). The library has several dedicated works in honor of these statesmen. The most notable is the bust of James Schoolcraft Sherman, who served in Congress, and as Vice President of the United States under President William Taft. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, which I visited. You can read my post about it here. Sherman’s relatives still live in this area. Sherman’s boyhood home, a lovely house on Rutger Street (if I remember correctly), was torn down a few decades ago, a victim of urban plight.

James Schoolcraft Sherman bust

Roscoe Conkling was an eminent Congressman and Senator (he was born in Albany but resided and practiced law in Utica). He served as mayor of Utica in 1858 before serving his terms in both branches of the U.S. Congress during and after the Civil War. Conkling has a lovely park in his name. We visited it, here.

Roscoe Conkling Portrait

The next painting is my favorite. It done by Frederick Coffay Yohn and named “General Herkimer Directing the Battle of Oriskany.” I love it.

Herkimer Yohn Painting

And as expected, I’ve written about the great General Nicholas Herkimer, mortally wounded at this battle, here. I’ve also written quite a bit about the Battle of Oriskany, the “bloodiest battle of the American Revolution.” You can read about it here.

Utica is an area heavily steeped in tradition and history. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting about another place we visited!

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