More Fort Stanwix Photos

Yes, more photos of our July 4th trip to Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. This is such a great place. I’ve written several posts about our visits to Fort Stanwix. It is, in my opinion, probably the best New York State park! And it’s part of the National Park Service, too. You can check out more information by going to to learn more about Fort Stanwix and other national parks.

Now for the photos! I recommend that you enlarge the first photo for the full effect. The fort is surrounded by a high earthen berm, for added protection against invading enemies. So the view is really great!

Fort Stanwix Scenery

View on Stanwix Berm


Everything at Fort Stanwix is very “hands on.” They even has things like toy wooden muskets and fur pelts for the children to play with and feel. And the re-enactors frequently perform drills. Its an absolute blast!!
Exploring the Cannon

Garrison Orders

Confinement Sign

Also on the grounds a short walk from the Fort is a visitor’s center. It’s very nice. We enjoyed exploring it, inside and out.

Fort Stanwix Visitors Center

In the Bateau

As for us, we’re still traveling around New York, but we’ve been making plans to do some very large trips in the near future, both out of state, and (we hope someday) to other countries. Of course, I will blog about them here, too!

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  1. We visited Fort Stanwix for the second time a few years ago (2006, I think?), and it happened to be the grand opening of the visitor’s center the very day that we went. That made it pretty special.