More Photos of Colgate University

I wrote a little about the history of Colgate University with some photos of the exquisite buildings, here. I took so many photos of the lovely campus that I had to post more!

Colgate University is situated on a hill overlooking the quiet town of Hamilton, NY, in Madison County. It lies right in the center of New York State, in a very rural farming community. Colgate University was established in 1817 as a Baptist Seminary. It is now a liberal arts college. Hamilton, NY, is peppered with various elegant fraternity houses, too.

Frat House Colgate

Here’s a shot of Hamilton from the top of the campus.

Colgate View

Although many of the buildings are old, some have a definite modern flair to them. It’s the stonework that unites them.

Colgate Greenhouse

Colgate Greenhouse Bldg2

Colgate SkyWalk

Colgate Building 1

Colgate Campus

This building reminds me of a ski chalet or something.

Colgate Building 3

The use of glass for walls and ceilings provides incredible views of the valleys. It must be glorious up here in the summer.

After visiting the campus, I made my way to a small rural town of Bouckville. It’s considered the Antiques Capital of the Country; every year there’s a HUGE antiques market. Business is very slow here during the winter. Even in March, when I passed through, there was nary a sign of life anywhere. But the photos display rural Upstate New York very well. Stay tuned!

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  1. what a greate place to get an education

  2. Retinna says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love them!

  3. deejay says:

    nice blog content and beautiful pictures…

  4. This is a lovely place. I thought it was owned and built by the toothpaste company, Colgate. 😛

    • ECL, you are too funny! Haha! Yes, one of the board members who helped to found the University did work for Colgate-Palmolive, from which we get Colgate toothpaste! These college students have the cleanest teeth in the state!

  5. Marvin Clinch says:

    Very good pictures of Colgate U. Having graduated from there 54 years ago I have seen many changes. Then all of the students were male. 🙂 Now I believe there are small number more females than males.
    Thirteen is the traditional number at Colgate since the school was founded in 1819 by 13 men, 13 prayers, 13 dollars, and 13 books as a Baptist Seminary (Madison Seminary?). The change in name was because the Colgate family contributed a significant amount of $$ later. (In the late 1950s there was a student who was a Colgate family member.) The Seminary school has since combined with U of Rochester to form the Colgate-Rochester Seminary. Colgate is now a Liberal Arts school.
    An interesting arcane bit of history: The cartoonist Charles Aadams (I hope I have the correct spelling)who was the originator of the aadams family cartoons) used the old seminary (later converted into the administration building and since then having burned down) as his model for his Aadams homestead because it looked spooky. The later TV show was an imaginary building.
    An another well known graduate of old times was the well known Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick class of 1900 and later pastor of a prominent NY city church (I forget which one).