More Terrific Travel Apps

I’ve discovered some incredible new travel apps for you. Just when I thought there were no more to find, a treasure chest of new apps rises to the surface. Most of these new apps specifically relate to the mighty Adirondack State Park and Forest Preserve, one of my favorite autumn and winter destination.

Oh Ranger! NY State Parks
This app is one of my absolute favorites. It’s the first official app for New York State parks, and the app is loaded with goodies. The app includes:

  • List of the 200+ state parks in NY
  • Activities and detailed descriptions of the park
  • Maps and directions to each park
  • Weather conditions! Seasonal activities
  • Nearby attractions, lodging, food
  • A link to the park’s website and telephone number
  • Links to share on your favorite social networks

It’s a terrific app, very well-organized and attractive. I love it! Website is here:

Oh ranger app

Adirondacks Come to Life
Developed by the Adirondack Regional Tourism Council, this app is a wonderful resource, and you can tell a lot of love went into it. Because it is made by Adirondack people who live and work in the region, it’s one of the most comprehensive and interesting ADK apps I’ve seen. Explore the area by region, by theme or by upcoming events. You can even send a postcard! The app lists local accommodations, attractions, food concessions, campgrounds, trails and accompany maps and directions. I love it because it’s so detailed.

Website it here:

Adk come to life app

Maplets is an incredible app. It’s the App of Map Apps. The king of all map apps. It’s huge. Maplets is basically a downloadable database of (what seems like) every map in the world. I have (so far) downloaded six maps for New York State: Adirondack High Peaks Topography, Adirondack Mountains, Adirondack Park, Hudson River Valley, New York Penn Station, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are gazillions of maps for everything. Here are a few screen shots to show you how diverse the maps are:




Maplets cost me about $3 but it is worth every penny and more. I really can’t believe it’s so inexpensive! You have access to many maps and can download them to your phone. It’s an excellent app. Website is here:

RG Adirondacks Resorts Guide
This is another Adirondack guide to local attractions and accommodations in the Adirondack region. It’s nice because it includes shops, restaurants, attractions and more. The app also lists stuff for kids to do, real estate and rentals, wellness and beauty, a section on Adirondack history (!), a special section on Whiteface Mountain, and town and emergency contact information. It also has a nice trip planner. It’s very readable, easy to search and browse.

Website is here:

Adk rg resort app

46 Tracker
This app is very basic. It’s basically a simple journal of your hikes up each of the “46,” the coveted Adirondack High Peaks. The ADK 46er Club is what we call folks who have climbed to the peak of each of the mountains. This app will help you keep track of each hike. The app lists all the mountains and their elevations in order. Click a mountain to mark that you’ve climbed it, and type a few notes about your experience. It’s a simple app that let’s your feet do most of the walking and talking.

Website is here:

46er app

I have a handful of more apps to showcase in a future post, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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