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New York hotels are the standard by which all other hotels are judged. Ever since the first hotels were built there to provide lodgings for the upper class, New York hotels have led the way in providing superior quality rooms and services for commoners, kings, artists and captains of industry. The city offers a number of types of hotels. There are large national chains, residential hotels, boutique hotels and many famous hotels. If what you are looking for is the best hotel experience in the world few places can compete with the hotels that are found in New York City.

The Sohotel New York is one of the oldest hotels in New York that is still in operation. Its location in lower Manhattan gives easy access to Little Italy, China Town, Manhattan’s most interesting neighborhoods and the hottest nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment venues. The name of the hotel has changed many times since its founding in 1822. It has been called the Westchester, the Occidental and the Pioneer at different points. The hotel has hosted billionaire businessmen and philanthropists William Waldorf Astor, John L. Sullivan, Gentleman Jim Corbet and politicians Big Tim Sullivan and Pat Forley and many other great and near-great personages.

Residential hotels in New York are sometimes palatial manors which encompass several floors and are served by staffs of butlers, maids and chefs trained to provide unsurpassed service to the guests. These suites often boast Persian rugs, classic furniture, impressive dining rooms, fireplaces, gardens and incredible vistas of the New York skyline. The concierge at a good residential hotel is part manager part magician. It is said a good New York concierge can get a guest anything, including an audience with the pope. Residence hotels provide world-class cuisine and easy access to the best entertainment New York has to offer.

There are also a number of excellent chain hotels in New York. These hotels provide consistently superior atmosphere and service. High quality linens, towel and robes, large comfortable beds, state of the art bathrooms, large flat-screen televisions, Wi-fi, Skype and all the other latest technologies come standard in many rooms. Rooftop pools offer respite from the hectic pace of life for which New York is known. Many of the hotels offer media centers where traveling business people can continue to transact international business while experiencing the quality of life only New York can provide.

If you are looking to have a truly unique hotel stay consider one of the New York boutique hotels. Boutique hotels generally host very few guests at one time. Some boutique hotels never serve more than a dozen guests a day. This allows them to provide an unmatchable level of personal service. Guest can call ahead and have special meals, linens, decorations, technology and anything else imaginable prepared for their arrival. These hotels are located in some of the best locales in the city.

Are you ready for a spectacular hotel experience? Take a trip to New York and relax at a New York hotel.

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  1. I have actually been to the Soho Grand Hotel and it is absolutely amazing. Staff were super attentive, food was great, the bar is amazing although a little bit pricey. The centre is within short walking distance and easy enough to explore the neighbouring area.