Nuclear Fallout Map for Utica NY??

I often check my blog stats, and am amazed at what search engines find here. Some things that people search for are real doozies, as we call them in Upstate NY. Tonight I was shocked to get a hit by someone searching for “utica ny nuclear fallout”! Whoa! They happened to get my post about the Creepiest Places in the World. Utica is pretty scary, but it’s not in the list!

Well, this only spurred my simmering curiosity all the more, so I did a search. Look what I found!


Ok, I’m officially creeped out now. Hmm I notice that the Adirondacks are not on the list. Remember that old saying, “Head for the hills”?


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  1. TourPro says:

    In another life I used to analyze stuff like this. Don’t ask.

    I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at the NY attack scenario.

    Funny thing if you look at that, seems like Keeseville is targeted. Probably because there were nuclear missile silos located around there. Very interesting. Most are now in private ownership – I think there’s even one converted into some kind of home. I’ve been dying to get a tour.

    The Plattsburgh Air Force Base doesn’t appear though, and that’s surprising given the fact that it was a SAC base loaded up with bombers. Probably a few megatons dropped on Keeseville (Ausable Chasm!) would have put a damper on operations up the road anyway.

    Ironically, the socialist-leaning Ithacans seem spared a direct hit, but destined to a very unpleasant aftermath from fallout.

    As to heading for the hills, given the prevailing winds from the West, probably not the best place to be. We’d be glowing in the dark up here for sure.

  2. LOL! Well, well, TourPro, I see you are a man of many hobbies!

    Oh I didn’t mean “head for the hills” as if to hide in them– head for the hills if you haven’t had a chance to visit the Adirondacks, because you probably wouldn’t have any more opportunities after this… rofl.

    When I was in high school, I had a wacky science teacher who liked to scare the heebie-jeebies out of us by telling us that, in the event of a nuclear attack, we’d be the first to melt because of our proximity to Rome, NY.

  3. keukenhof says:

    i haven’t heard about that utica until stumbling on your blog. i wonder why there are people searching for that kind of attack unless they are cells of bin laden.

  4. You know, I seriously doubt Bin Laden is much of a threat, if he is even still alive. But people search for a lot of crazy things! Perhaps this person was searching for something for a class or a class project for school.

  5. guitarzan says:

    What do you think about making a fallout shelter from toys made in China? 😉