Oh Say, Can You See?

New York State drivers, did you know that the state Department of Motor Vehicles no longer requires us to take a vision test for license renewals? What do you think?

I think it’s terrible, especially now that the population is getting older. No offense to you senior citizens, but vision tests ensure that the folks behind the wheels can still see to drive! Vision does tend to deteriorate with age, and mandatory vision tests did provide the public with some assurance that all drivers on the roads had adequate vision. The DMV says they eliminated the tests because they wanted to make online license renewal easier. I think that is a very poor reason for eliminating the vision tests. The tests were a minor inconvenience compared to the assurance that every driver is fit. Oh well… we as drivers can each do our part to make sure that our loved ones are OK behind the wheel and that we all get regular exams at the optician’s office. Sometimes a nice, new pair of glasses is inspiration for a quick vision check. I’m going to go again soon because I want a new prescription for a new pair of eyeglasses at I purchased a pair several months ago and I absolutely LOVE them. Honestly, I can’t sing Zenni’s praises louder. I got exceptional service and the glasses are the best I have owned. I want another pair, now!

I think these colorful frames are spectacular!

Zenni optical has a very large variety of eyeglasses for every style. Besides the “everyday” styles, Zenni sells novelty frames for the holidays. My favorites are the red and green Christmasy glasses. I am not sure what style I will get next, perhaps something pink or something very zany and colorful. If you or a loved one is in need of new glasses, check out Zenni’s selections– maybe you can even get a pair for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or Easter. The glasses at Zenni’s are so inexpensive that you can have several pairs for the price of one retail-bought pair. Many frames are generally $6.95 to $9.95, but strong prescriptions may cost more. Because my prescription is so strong, my glasses were $71. But that prices was a fraction of the cost of retail-bought eyeglasses. So I could still buy two more pairs of glasses and still make out better than retail frames!

Seriously– if you are needing new glasses, try Zenni Optical. To buy glasses online, you do need your prescription and pupillary distance measurement. These measurements are obtained by an optometrist with a simple eye exam. And eye exams are good, especially if you drive! 😉

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  1. akaGaGa says:

    How did I miss this one? I had not seen this. And truthfully? I won’t miss standing in line at DMV.