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This is a HARD Photo Hunters this week!!!! I didn’t check the theme topic earlier this week, so when I saw it tonight, my heart sank. Oh well, part of the fun is the challenge, isn’t it? Let’s hope I do OK with it.

The first thing I thought of was an old advertisement for the Cardiff Giant. I know it’s not “my” photo. But it is so cool! I wrote about the Cardiff Giant here. It’s an amazing story of one of the greatest and shortest-lived hoaxes in American history. A con artist planted an enormous carved gypsum figure into a field, dug it up feigning surprise, called it an ancient man that has once roamed Upstate New York, and charged people admission to see it. Just about everyone was hoodwinked, and the con artist got off SO EASILY.


OK, so here’s a photo I really did take. It’s at the Erie Canal Town Museum in Canastota, NY. See the pink advertisement in the back? This photo isn’t TOO lame, is it?

Canal Boat Model

Does this count as an advertisement?

Cross Island Sign

It’s the smallest church in the world, and we SAW it. Wooo!

Yeah, I know– I’m grasping for straws. So how did YOUR Photo Hunters go today? Leave your link in the comments!

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