Photo Hunters: Candy!

Today’s Photo Hunt involves candy. It took me a long time to think of something. We don’t eat much candy and I don’t regularly visit candy stores after having six teeth removed! (I had a vicious sweet tooth as a kid).

However, last time we were out, galavanting around Barneveld, NY, up in the lower portion of the Adirondacks, we stopped at an old time-y country store. It had wooden floors and enormous wooden bins. There were hundreds of wonderful things to see and buy. The kids and I paused to drool over the Adirondack cheese (homemade!), horehound candy, and peppermint sticks, but stopped when we saw this:


It’s candied ginger. None of us had ever tasted it before. I bought a small bag and we ate a little on the way home. It’s very spicy! My youngest son said it made his mouth feel hot. The granulated sugar coating was so, so good… uh oh! I must remember my teeth!

Here’s a traveling tip for you: ginger is known to help relieve nausea and motion sickness. Pack a small bag for people in your company who are prone to car sickness (we have two in the family who feel it). Sucking on the ginger will help.

What did you do for Photo Hunters today?

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