Photo Hunters: Chipped

CHIPPED. Hm, could be a very diverse theme. There’s…

computer chip, from my keyboard. I was curious what is inside a keyboard, so I took my old one apart. I have more photos and information about that; if you want to read about it, I posted it at What’s Inside the Keyboard?

keyboard 6

Next is an AMAZING little gadget. I got it at eBay. It’s a Printer Chip Resetter. If you put your printer cartridge in the slot, connecting it to the metal pins, this chip resetter will reset your printer cartridge to original manufacturer’s settings. This little gadget has saved me a ton of ink!

Chip resetter

The next CHIPPED is this burial memorial, at the Baron von Steuben Memorial Site in Remsen, NY. This monument has been sitting in this Adirondack forest for over a century, and the weather erosion has chipped it. You can read more about our two visits to this site here and here.

Steuben Burial Monument

The next photo is of Herkimer diamonds, a rare kind of quartz found here in a small area of Upstate New York and a few other places around the world. They are a double-terminated quartz, found in “vugs” or clusters. They have six sides (18 facets) and two terminations when they are chipped. I wrote a brief post about these amazing little gems, here.


Here’s an interesting statue of the Vice President of the United States, James Schoolcraft Sherman, who served during the Taft Administration (early 1900s). He was from Utica, NY, and this statue is in the public library here. I don’t know what material this statue is of– soapstone, perhaps? Nonetheless, this is some pretty fancy chipping. And it is a striking resemblance to the VP.

James Schoolcraft Sherman bust

This next photo is an old one, of the Cardiff Giant. It was “discovered” in the ground on a small farm in Upstate NY. It caused quite a sensation, as the giant was reported to be petrified and to be thousands of years old. It turned out to be a hoax, German sculptors had been hired to chip the shape of a man from gypsum. They even chipped “pores” and wrinkles for skin! It was quite a scandal back then. I wrote a post all about it, too! The Cardiff Giant: Great American Hoax.


Finally, here’s an amazing photo. It’s a section of Long Island, after a tremendous hurricane roared through in 1938. The force of the hurricane smashed into Long Island, “chipping” the land and slicing the island in what we now know as Shinnecock Bay. I wrote a post about that, too! The New England Hurricane of 1938.


And for no other reason than I thought it is hilarious, here’s a photo to make you laugh. Happy weekend!


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