Photo Hunters: Clouds

Despite being a cloud lover, I am not much of a cloud photographer. I only have a handful of photos. I am looking forward to seeing others’ photos, because I think there are a lot of cloud photographers out there! I’ll leave you with a few of my measly photos.

Here’s a shot I took of a hot air balloon that floated over our yard a few weeks ago. I would LOVE to go in one of these!

My daughter took this a few weeks ago.

Fire Sky 1

Ever hear that old saying, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”?

Here’s a photo of the Hinckley Dam in Barneveld, NY. The clouds are so low you could almost reach up and touch them. read about our visit here.

tn_Trenton Dam with clouds

Here’s a strange sight– a snowstorm is starting to form right over Canadarago Lake, near Cooperstown, NY. See how it is sunny on one side of the lake, and stormy on the other. You can see more photos here and read about our trip to Cooperstown here.

Canadarago Lake half n half

And here we are visiting the U.S.S. Slater on the Hudson River in Albany. The clouds are shimmering in the sky. I think they are lovely. You can read about our visit here.

05 Down the Hudson

And here’s a photo of lake-effect snow forming off Lake Ontario, into the mouth of Sodus Bay. See that tiny little speck in the center? That’s someone trying to ice fish! Brrrrrr.

Ice Fishing

You can read about our wintery visit to Lake Ontario here.

How did your Photo Hunt go today?

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