Photo Hunters: Curved

Boy, sometimes the really easy themes are the toughest. Curved can be ANYTHING! I’ll try to harness my thoughts about the theme, curved. I’ll base this week’s photos on things that have preoccupied me this week.

I recently revisited Fountain Elms in Utica (more on that later) for their Yuletide Christmas celebration. I love the chandelier in the Front Hall. The etched glass shades are beautifully curved.

Hall Chandelier

Plumbing is curved, into a “U” trap. Some ingenious guy invented the design. The “U” trap holds a little bit of water, preventing harmful sewer gases from crawling back up the pipes into the air of the home. Our plumbing is a shambles, as it usually is in most old houses.


I love the curved handles on these large paper bags. My darling kitty, Livvy, does, too. We have to clip the handles because she has this propensity of wiggling into them and becoming stuck!

Cat in the Bag

I also visited the Utica Public Library this week. I wish I had more time to spend there. The shelves are crammed with the most wonderful books– it’s a history lovers DREAM at this place. It’s my favorite library in the whole world. 😀 It’s also beautiful. The curves of the upper portion are perfectly done.

Balcony Ceiling

I love the curved skylight. They could build SUCH beautiful buildings 150 years ago, couldn’t they? Why don’t we build them like this anymore??


Balcony Bookcases


And finally, here’s a cute curve: a smiley face! I drew it on our van window, in the frost. We have not had any snow yet, but I expect it will be coming soon.

Cold Smiley

So that’s my week in curves! How did your Photo Hunt go today? Leave a link in the comments!

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