Photo Hunters: Daily

This is a really fun theme for this week! I had a good time, thinking of things to go with “daily.”

My Daily Bread. It’s very beat up, over 20 years old now. I’ve bought new ones, but can’t seem to part from this one.

The Open Bible

DAILY. a must! You coffee drinkers know what I mean!


My daily workstation. This is where the magic happens. :-p


And my lovely Livvy. Daily she wakes me up early in the morning. She has a very cold and wet nose! She wants her Friskies, and she wants me to open the window blinds, so she can watch the birds get their daily breakfast at the feeder.

The Bird Watcher

And she daily (hourly, is more like it) sits in front of my computer, wanting attentions!


Best of all– my kids, who daily make me laugh. They are terrific kids; I am blessed. I used an antique effect on the photo. I like it.


Life is good, daily! How did your Photo Hunters go?

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