Photo Hunters: Dark

UPDATE: I didn’t know it until after I posted this– I was checking news headlines this afternoon; I see that last night some people were trapped in the Empire State Building elevators when construction workers had accidentally severed power lines to the building. OOPS! These folks were REALLY in the dark! All is well, although one woman was hospitalized with an injury, related to her prying open a door to try to get out.

Today’s Photo Hunt is a tough one for me. I think I used up all my creativity this week. I couldn’t think of anything “dark”! I flitted through my photos… should I talk about the time a thunderstorm knocked out the lights while we were at the zoo? Or about the time when a huge lake effect snowstorm formed over Lake Ontario while we were visiting (and I had a 2 hour drive in the snow ahead of me)? Hmm.

Well, I chose this photo. It’s a picture of night time in Manhattan. Real creative, huh?


Manhattan is known as “the city that never sleeps.” You know why? Because there is so much noise! No one can ever sleep, lol! I liked my experience in Manhattan (I was a student there), but I greatly prefer country life.

My photo is an old one– taken from the 80s. It’s the Empire State Building. It was late at night, but New York is still very brightly lit even at night. Nighttime in Manhattan is the same as daytime, except that the sky is turned off when it’s nighttime.

How did your Photo Hunt go today? 😀

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