Photo Hunters: Entertainment

Entertainment. Hmm… short & sweet:

My beautiful kitty, Livvy, provides lots of entertainment for us. She just turned a year old this week, and boy has a year passed quickly! She’s been our little joy. Ever since she was a baby, she’s loved to be both entertained and be the entertainment.

Livvy and Daddy3

Always getting into things.

Livvy in Carrier1

Desperate for attention.

My Tabby Point Siamese

Keyboard Kitty

She plays a game we call “Find the Kitty.” I have a Find the Kitty series on my other blog.

Find the Kitty

Another Find_the_Kitty

She sometimes has a bit too much of the ‘nip, and acts funny.

Catnip 3

Her curiosity knows no bounds.

Livvy Peeking Thru Blinds

And even when she sleeps, she entertains us.

Sleeping Kitty

So entertainment, thy name is Livvy. 🙂 How did your Photo Hunt go today?

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