Photo Hunters: Family

I love looking at old photos. The people in them have such interesting faces. I like to think about what life was like for them back then, before electricity, running water, and computers! I’m sure life was very hard– lots of labor as evidently etched on their faces– but they had their wonderfully simple joys, too. I have an old cake tin filled with 90-year old birthday cards, baby announcements, and invitations to dinner. Those old papers once belonged to my great-grandmother and she had labeled them to be burned after her death. But my grandmother wouldn’t burn them; she saved them, and I got them after her death. I’m glad she saved them. They are a tiny window to the past, enabling me to see and understand the simple pleasures and pains of time gone by.

I caught the genealogy bug from my late grandmother. I’ve managed to research one of my parents all the way back to the 600s, to a Norse king. It is so neat to discover your own family history!

I have a small collection of photos, too. It is so neat to look at one’s ancestors and see their features on the faces of one’s children! It is amazing!

That tall girl is my great-great grandmother. Her great-great-great(etc) grandfather stepped off the Mayflower in 1620.

When that young lady grew up, she married this handsome man from Western New York. My youngest son resembles him so much that it is striking! He is my great-great grandfather.

The man died in 1889. He left his wife with 5 very young children.

Finally, this is me. Well, no it’s not REALLY me! This is the lady I use for my avatar. She is my great-great aunt. I like this photo a lot. She looks so intense! And her brown eyes are so steady and firm.

Lydia Edwards Brown

So there you have a little story to go along with some old photos of my family! How did your Photo Hunt go today?

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