Photo Hunters: Fast


Oh no! Were we driving too fast?!

No. The officer said our van’s muffler was “too noisy.” :-p Disturbing the peace.

Ummmmm… but officer, we’re in the Adirondacks, near a state park? Who’s complaining, the squirrels??

I think the police force just wasn’t making enough money that month, and sent patrols out to fill some quotas. :-p

This next photo shows something fast. This is Richie Evans’ race car. He was from Rome, NY, and we visited the Rome Sports Hall of Fame there. He was a local champ at the Utica-Rome Speedway, and climbed the ladder to win the NASCAR National Modified Championships nine times. Sadly, he died in a crash in 1985, racing at the Martinsville Speedway.

Richie's Car

And this baby is FAST. It’s my “hot rod,” as I call it. OK Ok so it’s not a sooped-up, super gaming machine. But it IS the fastest computer in the house! It’s a quad-core, with 6GB RAM and a NVIDIA graphics card. It’s enough to handle all my photo and video editing that I do. I really like it a lot.


This is Livvy. That’s fast?? Yes, fast asleep. 🙂


Cookbook: “Bring water to a fast boil.”


That’s my fast for the day! Now I’m going to go take a nap! How did your Photo Hunt go today? Leave a link in the comments! 😀

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