Photo Hunters: Free Week!

I skipped last week. I just wasn’t up to blog hopping, and the topic of “Sports” had me totally stumped. This week is “FREE” week, and it had me stumped as well… but at the last minute I thought of something!!

My daughter is a collector (a new one, at that) of very old books. As a teenager, I once did the same. I had a lovely collection of some wonderful old Victorian encyclopedias and such, but lost them all in a house fire, over two decades ago. It was quite a blow. I’m glad to see my daughter finding an interest in old books, particularly GOOD old books.

Yesterday, she came home from helping at a rummage sale with these two books she had found in some boxes. What a wonderful find!

Old Books 1

Old Book 2

It’s an 1876 edition of the New Testament, and an 1879 new edition of the biography of Reverend John Fletcher, compiled in part from the testimony of Reverend John Wesley! Wesley himself described Fletcher as the most godly man he ever knew. Coming from Wesley, that is quite the commendation.

Old Book 4

Another wonderful thing about old books besides the first-hand facts inside, is the history that oozes from every page. Most old books we acquire have been signed. I always wonder about those people who long ago read these books and signed their names in them. Books were often given as gifts and were extremely valuable.

Old Book 3

How did your Photo Hunters go today? Leave your link in the comments so I can visit you! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  1. lew says:

    Nice “find” for PhotoHunt and a joy that your daughter has chosen one of your hobbies to pursue.

  2. Gattina says:

    I also collected old books when I was a teenager ! Now our library is full !

  3. Annie says:

    Cool post! I love old books too.