Photo Hunters: Fresh

Hello and Happy Weekend, Photo Hunters! It took me all day yesterday to brainstorm and think of what to do for this today’s theme. I’m looking forward to what you all have done this week, because the theme, I thought, was a little difficult. So this is as creative as I could get. (It was SO good to go back through my archived photos of my gardens!!).

Fresh growth.


Fresh flowers, from last year’s gardens. These are my favorites. 🙂

Fuschia Stargazer Lily

Fresh snow.


Fresh concrete.

Spraying Water

Freshly laid mulch. Mmmmm.

New Pathway 2
Fresh breath!

Oral B Pulsonic for braces

Picking fresh blueberries.

Picking the Berries

P.S. I’m sorry I missed visiting you lat weekend; I’ll make up for it today and tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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