Photo Hunters: Furry

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of animal photos today. I’m no exception! 😀

I love kitties. I have several. Well, the kitties are all the kids’ cats, but I finally got my *own* cat after 20 years: Olivia, or Livvy as we call her. she was such a furry little bitty thing!

Livvy and Daddy2

And she’s growing up so fast. 🙁  Doesn’t she look so warm and furry and snuggly there? Mmmm.

Warm Fuzzies

One of our other cats is named Fuzzy. He’s quite the character. Here he is at a few months old, when he was spooked and got a “foxtail.” That cat used to climb the curtains!


He’s a big boy now!


Other furry I could think of: a Bactrian Camel at the Utica Zoo. They grow very furry coats for the winter.

Bactrian Camel

And the Tamarin monkey, also at the Utica Zoo, has a furry orange top. He peeked out at us from his box.

Tamarin Monkey

My “furry” was pretty simple today! How was your Photo Hunt? Leave your link in the comments!

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