Photo Hunters: Garbage

Garbage is today’s theme. Boy oh boy. you could get REALLY creative with this one! I was tempted to snap a photo of a box full of the worst books in the world, or a photo of the current White House and Congress, or of my local school building… but I think it is wise to avoid politics today, lol. So I decided to go with *just* garbage. Although, as the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Here’s a photo of some garbage– er, treasure. I drove by a salvage barn on Route 20 in Madison, NY. It’s actually a cool place– they have some of the neatest things to be found there. If you are willing to dig past all the garbage.

Old Rusty

Sink Salvage

Harley-Davidson Wagon

(Ooo a Harley-Davidson wagon! They musta been cooking with gas back in the olden days!!!!)

This area of Madison County is called the “Antique Capital of the World.” In August, this entire stretch of Route 20 from Madison to Bouckville is FILLED with antique dealers. People come from all over the world to find old treasure for their antique stores, for movie-making, or for personal collections. My only question is: after so long, don’t all the antiques go somewhere? I mean, HOW many antiques can there BE in the world?!

Bouckville Antiques Sign

And just for kicks, here’s a dilapidated old house from the area. Even the houses are antiques! (Mine is probably as old as this one)

Old House Bouckville

How did your Photo Hunters go today? Leave your link in the comments and I’ll visit you later this week!

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