Photo Hunters: Jiggly

Gosh, who came up with this theme! Tough one. Must have been someone who likes jello. Well, I’ll do my best here!

How about fish? 😀 Fish are jiggly. One early spring day (March) we drove out to a fish hatchery where they raise Rainbow Trout. They release the fish into the New York State waterways. One of the workers there gets so familiar with the fish that he once recognized a local fisherman’s catch as Old Leatherback, a trout born and raised at the hatchery!

Little Swimmers

The squirming fish were so jiggly that we couldn’t resist reaching in and trying to grab one. No such luck.

Trying To Grab the Fish

Anemones are jiggly, aren’t they? We saw these at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. They are so beautiful.


Jiggly, whew! A tough one. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos for today. Please leave a link for me in the comments!

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