Photo Hunters: Metal

Oh this was such an easy theme for me this week! Not because I love metal things, but because I always seem to run across them when we travel. We visit a lot of historic sites, and usually the weaponry and transport items are metal.

Here’s the Mohawk Valley, an old bomber plane that saw service in the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. It’s a B-52 stratofortress. It’s resting at the old Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, NY, now (click the link to read about our visit and see more photos). The base was closed in the 90s and is now a “technology” park.

Bomber at Griffiss

This is one of the bombs that loaded into the stratofortress.


Here’s the U.S.S. Slater, a Destroyer-Escort ship that also served in World War II. It rests on the Hudson River in Albany, NY. It’s a museum now. It’s an amazing ship, and we loved going thorough its many nooks and crannies. You can read more about our trip: U.S.S. Slater in Albany.


This is the machine gun and scope.

05 Checking Out the Scope of Things

Here’s another weapon. It’s the cannon at Fort Stanwix National Historic Site. We love this place. It’s also in Rome, NY. You can read about our trips there, here and here.

At the Cannon

I have billions more photos of metal things! But I’ll control myself and leave you with just one more. This is a funky metal chair that sits on top of the hill at the Roscoe Conkling Park in Utica, NY. It’s next to the historic Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica. Click the links for more of our visit with photos.

tn_Tin Chair

This was a fun Photo Hunt this week! How did your Photo Hunt go today?

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