Photo Hunters: Painted

Painted is this week’s theme. So many choices!

Here’s a real Egyptian mummy, residing in a little library in a little Upstate New York town. Yes, it’s true, haha! This mummy was purchased by a benefactor of the town of Cazenovia. The library in town has a small museum, filled with local artifacts and a lot of really nifty ancient Egyptian artifacts, including this mummy and his stuffed, mummified cat. The face mask is marvelously intact, still showing paint that’s over 2,500 years old.

Mummy Close Up

Here’s some painted Egyptian art in the same area.

Egyptian Art

This is a lovely watercolor painting. I snapped this photo while visiting Fountain Elms in Utica, NY. There was an art show on display in front of the museum, and this painting caught my eye.


Inside the museum (which is actually a historic house), there is a sweet painting of the two daughters who used to live here. Their parents were wise to have their daughters painted while so young– now their posterity can enjoy the artwork.

munson girls

This is a cute painted cut-out truck at the Fly Creek Cider Mill near Cooperstown, NY. We obviously have a lot of fun with these things.

In the Truck 2

Finally, this is my husband’s old shirt that I adopted as my painting shirt. I’ve spent the last several weeks painting walls, what a job! I use my shirt as a paint rag sometimes… haha.

Paint shirt

So how did your Photo Hunters go? Leave your link in the comments!

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