Photo Hunters: Plastic

We visit a lot of historical sites, built waaay before plastic arrived on the scene in history. So this was a tough find for me…

Here’s something! This is really old plastic, when plastic was just becoming mainstream in the mid 50s– it’s a very old Cootie game, remember this? The pieces are very brittle. I think they may be more of a celluloid than plastic?


And this! This is one of the first Mr. Potato Heads, with Cooky Cucumber! Plastic!

Cooky Cucumber

When we visited the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, we saw a lot of plastic, everywhere. There was this great big calculator…

Big Calculator

…and a plastic model of a microbe…

Meeting the Microbe

And the Children’s Museum in Utica has a lot of plastic stuff, too, like this vintage Matchbox car set. I remember playing with something like this! I loved to build roads with these orange plastic strips, up and down the long, winding staircase in my childhood home. Boy, they don’t make toys like they used to, do they?

Hot Wheels Display

From what I understand, it has been the discovery and innovation in plastic that has crafted our modern world as we know it. I am not terribly fond of plastic, as I prefer more natural components; but I am grateful for plastics like laundry baskets. Livvy is, too. She loves to hop in them and liked to be carried around in them.

Livvy Laundry

So that’s what we’ve got for Plastic! How did your Photo Hunters go? Leave your link in the comments!

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