Photo Hunters: Protect(ion)

Well this in an interesting theme for Photo Hunters today! Here’s what I tried:

The first thing I think of is protection from possible danger. Like a hungry tiger!

Walking Tiger

We saw this tiger at the Utica Zoo a few months ago; we were protected from the tigers (and the tigers from the city surrounding) by a 30-foot-high metal cage. Maybe it was the cool weather, but I’ve never seen the tigers so active as they were on our visit. They were pacing around, running, and chasing each other. It’s amazing how graceful and how heavy they are.

A fence also provided protection from this Whooping Swan, who wanted to bite our fingers off. I got a little too close with my camera, and it bit and chomped on my jacket sleeve! Oh, he may LOOK cute– don’t let that fool you. He’s a MONSTER!

Whooping Swan 2

Whooping Swan

And here’s a photo of the wooden palisade fencing around Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. Click the photo for a better look at those hungry wooden spikes sticking out from the walls. The fort is situated on a man-made knoll, surrounded by a deep trench. The fort is constructed on the knoll, with high walls and abutments. In times of quiet, the women and children camped in the trench below– they had tents that they slept in (soldiers slept in bunks inside the fort barricades). The women did the cooking and washed laundry for their men in the trenches. When a watchman spotted Indians or the British, he called for the women and children to get into the barricade for protection.

Drawbridge Into Fort


New York State has many protected historic sites, many of which we have visited. The Erie Canal Village in Rome, NY, is one. This village is just as it was in the 1830s or so, just like a walk back in time!

Historic NY Canal Sign

So that’s my “protection” for today! How did your Photo Hunter’s go? Leave a comment with your link!

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